I am so honored and excited to offer this dynamic platform ~ 
Prosperity of Soul...where we come together in expanding awareness to share ideas and support as we move into greater love and expression!

Prosperity of Soul was created to assist you on your Soul’s journey of manifestation and empowerment.

During the course of these 8 weeks we will harness the universal energy of the cosmos and USE it as a springboard for all your deepest creations.
This is manifestation and energy coursework….we will discuss in our live group sessions the power of understanding your own energy signature and how to recognize the movement of that energy in your life and how to trust and follow your own innate guidance.
I am a Master at understanding the subtleties of energy recognition and will support your self love process as you gain confidence in these inner qualities so that you can gain mastery over your manifestation and empowerment process

We begin as Mercury stations direct, in a cosmic moment of all planets in direct motion and we will conclude our group sessions on April 11th, 2021….and will support you through the intense energies of the pivotal Spring Equinox on 
March 20, 2021.

What is Prosperity of Soul? 

Who is it for? 
• Prosperity of Soul is an 8 week group coaching event that offers interaction and support for your growth.

• This is a Manifestation and Empowerment workshop where we will discuss how to start your life’s purpose journey work AND direct guidance on how to energetically work in social media platforms, how to create boundaries that structure your media presence and direct the flow of your most aligned client and so so much more.

• I’m going to be pouring out all my business success secrets for how I have built my spiritually centered business and the do’s an don’ts of how to manifest your deepest desires for your most successful endeavors.

 Men and women who want to expand their experience of living out loud by getting in touch with who, why and how they want to show up in the world of authentic truth and liberation! We will explore all your juicy components that are just awaiting your participation as we look at old outdated ideas and beliefs and challenge the ways of how you’ve been showing up in the world.

How you Know if You are Ready for this Course: 

• If you are ready for Quantum expansion.
• If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with what to do next and how to get there as you unravel the mysteries of spiritual expansion and being IN THE EXPERIENCE?

• If the divine is calling you into more and that is why you feel all the self doubt and fear because it is challenging you to take risks and live in your authenticity as a spiritual truth. Spirituality is the relationship you have with your creator and yourself as you learn to live in faith of the divine flow of your life.

• If you are on that edge of conscious creation and stepping into service or self liberation this course is for you as a Quantum activator….therefore, this is for all the souls who know that making the transition from your awakened self into an experience of self mastery and conscious liberation is some of the deepest work we do as humans. You know how it feels for you as you stand on the crest of the unknown Within each and every experience we have is a spark of light, an intention and God given purpose that drives our journey for self expression and service.

We innately seek to be in service to each other through various forms of relationship, and as we transverse this emotional landscape together, we desire to support and encourage one another and to ease the path for many souls on our journey.

Here's What You will Learn 

How It Works 

A clear understanding about how to navigate life through your own personal energy expression.

• How to create a conscious self-directed plan to transition from your current reality into living the embodiment of liberation and success
• How to be an energetic match to your abundance
• To engage your mind and creative process to design the life of your dreams
• How to surrender to what the creator has in store for you
• How to quickly move through blocks and challenges so they don’t halt your progress
• How to be in constant expansion and creation without getting bogged down in the details
• How to intuitively develop your spiritual business
• How to attract your most aligned client every time

• Each session/module is a live group coaching experience where you will have an opportunity ask questions and make progress with your goals weekly.
• You will receive a link to attend each live session which is recorded for further review
• Each session is filled with answers and direct individual coaching as the group explores each module


Do I need to attend each module live?

What do I need?

• No, each session is recorded and sent to your inbox for review at your convenience.

• Just your desire to learn and open your mind to your expansion and where it is guiding you.
• A phone or computer to view the online course.
• A journal or notebook

You have a service waiting to blossom healing and integration in another, do not withhold that gift! 

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