Do you have a desire to create a life that sustains you both spiritually and financially? Do you desire to create a thriving business that expands as you do, that will create a foundation for your desires and allow you to touch and serve as many as possible?
Lynnette Duncan 
Empowerment Coach
Do you wish to inspire, exemplify or provide healing and wisdom from a place of connection and presence? Do you have an urge to depart from an old expression into a new one that will allow more freedom, more time and a true divine flow where you no longer struggle with the limitations and restrictions that you have experienced?

Do you naturally influence, uplift, heal or guide others simply from your innate expression?
Self love is the foundation that creates life direction and purpose from your core desires. Tapping into and understanding your own energy is vital to successfully navigate living in your fully embodied expression. Through our time together we explore the foundations of your Self Love practice and we follow the path of your Soul’s Wisdom toward your highest expression in service.

12 Week Intensive 

  • This 12 week 1-1 coaching intensive is designed to bring you full circle through your individual healing and alignment and to identify your goals and desires for creating a successful and thriving business which reflects your true essence and identity. If you have a desire to gather your precious gifts and to present them to the world through service, to create a life full of peace and grace that is supportive to yourself and others, then you are ready for this work.
  • ​This 12 week course includes once a week 1-1 recorded 1 hour private sessions and will provide what you need to move forward with your sacred vision and bringing it into physical reality, to assist you with shifting gears from a world of creating someone else’s dream, into manifesting your own dream where you are not only lovingly supported but living in a reality that also supports your own self growth and expansion.

Matt Kahn - Total Living Freedom
Event: Tickets available with enrollment! 

 Two spots are open for my highly personalized one on one coaching opportunity and for the next two enrollees in my 1-1 program I am gifting a free ticket to Matt Kahn’s October event which is a $750.00 value to you, as a big fat bonus! I love you and your self love journey is important to me.

You do not want to miss this opportunity! 

What does Coaching with me look like...
I help you target your deepest core desires and intentions and to create templates that foster your creative process and creating a personal business format that provides the structure needed to bring you into focus with that which supports your highest vision. 

Together we will create your platforms, systems and services uniquely designed by you that reflect your essence. 

We create action plans weekly to anchor your movement through the accountability.

The weekly coaching provides emotional support through your process, and we will naturally address pervading energy blocks to your success as they arise. 

Together we create a personalized path to your success without making all the costly mistakes one can make as they get started into entrepreneurship

12 personalized Coaching sessions via Zoom 

Check in emails and access to me, personally 24/7 

Access to a Business Consultant

Lindsey Braach of Lindsey Braach Consulting, LLC has joined up with me to bring you Business Development consultation for the ending weeks of this course. Lindsey will be available to you for business planning and development. She has a degree in Organizational Leadership and many years of experience in Business Development! 

Lindsey is excited to help you bring your gifts to the world. Her involvement in your course experience will depend on your need and desire, but is inclusive of guidance on the following 
  • Personal branding and Logo Design
  • Website design, build and usability on WordPress 
  • Social Media content and support 
  • ClickFunnels and Email List building 
  • Closing sales authentically 
  • Going for No
Qualities we work with during this process;
Self Empowerment 
Exploring how your personal beliefs can thwart your progress
Identifying your Core Desires
Abundance and Energy Intelligence mindset
Connecting with Clarity
The Power of your decision
Authenticity is your Brand
Energy Alchemy and attracting your most aligned clients
How Boundaries reflect your personal Integrity and create a foundation for your  Business. 
Trusting yourself is your inner guidance
Supporting yourself through expansion ~ Creating resiliency

Here's What To Do Next
The "cost" of this 12 Week course is just $4,500! 

Students can pay in full, or choose to arrange monthly or bi-weekly payments. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Yes, This WILL Work For You Too!
Don't wait another minute! 
Keep in mind that this coaching program is especially designed to fit your needs and expansion with what you are choosing to bring forward. 

This is 3 months of private coaching and support  to offer all of the tools necessary for you to launch your greatest dreams YET! 

The program will be customized to your needs, desires and areas of expertise. 

You have a service waiting to blossom healing and integration in another, do not withhold that gift! 

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